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    Logistics Outsourcing

    We help our customers to meet all kinds of logistical outsourcing needs by providing comprehensive total logistics solutions that ranges from warehousing, distribution, trucking services, to sea and air freight services.

    Chemical Logistics

    We meet the chemical manufacturing needs by providing a full range of services including filling, packaging, storage, shipping and maintenance of plant equipment on Jurong Island.

    Filling and Packaging Machine Filling Operations Container Yard

    Electronics Logistics

    We meet the electronics manufacturing needs by providing a seamless solution to handle incoming components / parts, supply to production lines, packaging, storage, shipping of finished products as well as managing repair parts centre.

    Picking Electronic Components

    Sankyu stands out from our competitors because of our ability to customise logistics processes according to our customers’ needs and we possess the technical expertise, specialised equipment and technology to fulfill these needs.

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